My name is Brenda Yvette, I’m owner and designer of Yvette’s Garden.

Yvette’s Garden is a women’s floral fashion brand. All pieces are designed & hand made by me. The main goal for every piece is to make sure that the woman wearing it, feels comfortable & fresh; giving her the confidence to bloom wherever she is planted.

I grew up watching my mom sew, but I didn’t learn how to do it myself until I started working in the children licensing industry. I loved watching designers put their ideas on line sheets and then overseeing the process till its completion. Whether it was toys or children clothes, the finalized product was always something magical to me.

One of my favorite childhood memories was listening to old Spanish music or 70s rock while my mom sewed. Funny enough, I now do this too. I’m a big believer that you need to have positive energy while working because it will be reflected through what you create. So since guitar stringing makes me happy, I play anything from flamenco guitars to rock when I sew. It makes me envision a girl wearing a piece from Yvette’s Garden, while walking down the old beautiful streets of Spain or wherever the wind takes her.

As I continue to develop my brand, my intensions are to create awareness of “fresh love” (my version of self-love). We all have a purpose on this earth, and I believe mine is to inspire other women to feel great about themselves - inside & out.


Brenda Yvette